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Best Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

When a health issue occurs due to various reasons, it makes treating it seem a bit more intimidating. The good news, if there is any, about hemorrhoids is that while they can occur due to various reasons, many cases are caused by something relatively easy to diagnose. They’re never fun to live with, they’re always painful, and they rarely go away fast enough for anyone’s comfort. Hemorrhoids happen to many people and while it might seem embarrassing, it shouldn’t be. It’s a natural occurrence with several natural remedies that can be easily handled at home provided you have a few days and some patience.

What are Hemorrhoids?

To easily define this medical condition, hemorrhoids are nothing more than swollen veins. The pain comes from the location of hemorrhoids, which is the anus and the lower rectum. While nothing about swollen veins sounds at all comfortable or welcome, finding them in such an inconvenient location on the body is what makes them so much worse than so many other ailments. Hemorrhoids are nothing more than swollen veins that make sitting, using the restroom, and personal care desperately uncomfortable.

Hemorrhoids are often caused by excessive straining while using the restroom, but they are also commonly caused by pregnancy. Many women expecting babies develop an abnormal amount of pressure due to the baby’s weight, and it causes hemorrhoids. Most people notice them when they extend outside the anus and rectum, but they’re commonly located inside the rectum as well. If it makes you feel better, statistics show three out of four adults will experience hemorrhoids at least once in their life.

If you’re fortunately, your hemorrhoids won’t cause symptoms and you might not notice you have them. Others feel an intense itch, terrible discomfort, and pain when using the bathroom. They’re also easily ripped and torn, which can cause worrisome bleeding especially if a woman is pregnant and worried at the first sign of blood when using the restroom. While most are easily cared for with a few basic methods of treatment, there are a few cases that become a clot and require medical attention in the form of lancing and drainage. It’s not dangerous, but it’s painful and uncomfortable.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are not easy to miss, but you should become familiar with them if you want to fight them naturally and quickly.

– Painless bleeding while moving the bowels
– Anal itching
– Anal irritation
– Pain
– Discomfort sitting or using the bathroom
– Anal swelling
– One or more lumps present in the anal area

If your hemorrhoids are of the internal variety, chances are good you’ll never even know you have them. You might experience a slight discomfort from time to time using the bathroom that doesn’t last long or cause much pain. It could be a sign you have internal hemorrhoids, but you probably won’t need to do anything about it before you feel relief once again.

External hemorrhoids are a different story. They’re painful, swollen, and make it difficult to perform several everyday tasks such as wiping your bottom, sitting on your bottom, and getting in and out of a vehicle or off seats. In this instance, it helps to be exceptionally careful, but there are many natural remedies you can use at home to help with the pain and discomfort.

Best Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Essential oils are growing in popularity for various reasons, and one of the reasons people don’t talk about nearly as much is the relief they provide hemorrhoid sufferers. What makes essential oils so good for the treatment of hemorrhoids is their ability to reduce the swelling that makes these swollen veins so painful. The oils help shrink them to provide more comfort and less pain, and they help to relieve the other negative and uncomfortable symptoms. Using essential oils allows you to feel some relief from the itching and irritation as well as the bleeding that often occurs when external hemorrhoids are present.

Chamomile – Chamomile is a helpful essential oil when you’re left to deal with the discomfort of hemorrhoids. This essential oil is imperative if you’re seeking relief from the pain these hemorrhoids cause. Chamomile is soothing and relaxing, and it helps to ease discomfort caused by hemorrhoids by directly placing the remedy on the affected area. It’s as simple as adding a drop or two of base oil to the chamomile to dilute it enough to help with irritation and relief pain caused by these swollen veins. Apply directly to the problem area for the best results.

Tea Tree Oil – One of the most advantageous things about tea tree oil is its anti-inflammatory agents. When swelling is relieved, the pain of hemorrhoids goes with it. One way to help remove the pain and find relief quickly is to use a cotton ball soaked in this oil. You’ll place it on the area that’s affected and leave it there while it does its magic. You can use a napkin or a pantyliner to make it more comfortable to keep an oil-soaked cotton ball in this region as you go about your day.

Helichrysum – Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, this is one essential oil many find useful in handling hemorrhoids. It’s used for many health issues, but this is one of the most beneficial uses of this oil. It can be applied directly to the issue to help reduce swelling and relieve pain by causing these painful swollen veins to shrink and go back to normal.

Patchouli – If you have bleeding hemorrhoids, there is always a chance you’re dealing with potential infection. It’s not common, but this essential oil is used to shop the growth of fungal infections. It’s also used for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can add patchouli oil to a sitz bath, to a cotton ball meant to be applied directly to the source, or you can rub it gently on hemorrhoids to help relieve the swelling and reduce the painful feeling left behind by swollen veins.

Sandalwood – Sometimes all you need is a bit of soothing when you’re in pain, and this is what the doctor ordered. Sandalwood is known for its warm and inviting aroma, and it also helps calm you and reduce pain when dealing with swollen veins. It’s antiseptic agents help keep the area clean and free of bacteria, and it also helps to keep you healthier by removing some swelling and encouraging hemorrhoids to clear up and retract.

Dill Oil – Dill is a plant that contains seeds that help create this oil. This is one you must use in conjunction with base oil. Base oil is always beneficial to keep in the house to help dilute stronger oils prior to use. A small drop of this mixed with dill oil allows it to work its magic on your inflamed anus and/or rectum. It’s not going to relieve the swelling or help hemorrhoids shrivel up and go away, but it will help with the pain they cause.

Lavender Oil – One of the most common ways to handle hemorrhoids is with the help of a sitz bath. It’s commonly recommended for pregnant women who live with hemorrhoids due to increased pressure. It’s a tub that fits nicely under the seat of the toilet meant to be filled with warm water. You sit there long enough to allow the bath to help ease the pain hemorrhoids are causing you, and you relax while you do it. Add a few drops of lavender oil to the bath to help with inflammation, the itch, and the pain caused by this unpleasant issue. If you’d rather avoid the bath, you can apply the lavender oil directly to the area in pain after you mix it with juniper oil.

Geranium – Known for its ability to stop bleeding and reduce inflammation, geranium can be applied to the area in pain to help relieve it quickly. It can also be added to a sitz bath to help make the recovery time a little more enjoyable and a lot more effective.

Frankincense – There is a reason the three wisemen provided this gift to a newborn baby by the name of Jesus in the Bible. In historic times, it was one of the most valuable things in the world, and it still is when you know how to correctly use it to ease pain and suffering you experience in everyday life. it’s meant to be massaged directly onto hemorrhoids. To make it most effective, mix Frankincense with a few drops of liquid lanolin. It helps to remove the itch and sting to make life a bit more comfortable for everyone.

Cypress Oil – One of the biggest concerns people with hemorrhoids have is the bleeding caused by piles. When this occurs, there is little you can do to stop the bleeding but wear protective items to keep it from showing through your pants. Cypress oil and a mixture of base oil can be mixed with a drop or two of natural lemon juice. When you are finished with the mixture, apply it directly to the area that’s affected. If you prefer not to apply directly, add the mixture the sitz bath discussed above. Spending approximately 20 minutes in a bath like this helps to relieve some pain and reduce swelling.

It’s imperative you understand how essential oils work. If you are unfamiliar with them, take time to learn how they’re applied. Not all of them are meant to be used on all parts of the body, and not all of them are meant to be used without a little oil mixture to help dilute the oil mixture you’re working with. Essential oils are meant to help, but there is always a chance they can do harm if you’re not careful or well-versed in proper essential oil usage.

Other Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

The most common remedy is a sitz bath, which was discussed in conjunction with essential oils. Other good ways to naturally relieve the pain, irritation, and itching caused by hemorrhoids is to apply apple cider vinegar to the area or rub it with witch hazel. Witch hazel helps remove swelling and prevent further pain from occurring. It’s best utilized when it’s soaked in a pad or a cotton ball and applied to the area of pain. It can be added to a bath to help with the pain, too.

Epsom salts in a sitz bath are also helpful, but it’s imperative you’re careful not to add too much to the bath. Warm water is better for hemorrhoids than hot water, and sitting in a tub in a way that doesn’t directly require sitting on your bottom is most helpful. A small round float you can sit on or rest your bottom on while you float is the best chance you have in a bath. Otherwise, taking advantage of all a sitz bath has to offer is where you find the best relief.

Hemorrhoids are common, and almost everyone has them at least once. Many people experience them more than once in their life. It’s especially common in pregnancy, but it can occur anytime you’re constipated, stressed, or simply unable to use the restroom with intense pressure and strain. If you are unfortunate enough to develop a hemorrhoid or two, these natural remedies can clear it up in no time. You will find it’s difficult to function if you don’t use these remedies regularly, which is why keeping an arsenal of them around helps you in the long run. Natural remedies are often best for a minor health issue such as this one because the relief is almost immediate.

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