13 Essential Oils for Arthritis (Real Arthritic Pain Relief)

Essential oils are becoming widely used to combat pain, especially since most have little to no side effects. You can treat your arthritis pain without prescription medications and no huge doctor bills. Most medical doctors will not encourage or promote the use of these oils, but the results that are

7 Essential Oils for Snoring & Sleep Apnea (These Really Help)

Snoring is one of the most uncomfortable things that could happen to a person and even worse is the fact that they may not be aware that they do it. Snoring which is the guttural noise that a person may make when inhaling and exhaling in their sleep. It ranges

9 Essential Oils for Bad Breath (Cure Funky Breath)

It will cost you your social life, it may cost you your relationship, and it may also cost you your job. Halitosis, better known as bad breath will do that. Imagine a situation where your breath turns everyone away, including your pet. Isn’t it dreadful? While kids can say it

10 Essential Oils For Managing ADHD (Increase Attention & Focus)

Do you wish there was an alternative, safe and affordable remedies for ADHD? We can all agree that while there is a chance that behavioral therapy may work, the medication given to manage the disorder often comes with adverse and unfavorable side effects. Well, you are in luck because this

Essential Oils For Head Lice Removal + 5 Alternative Remedies

What Is Head Lice? Head lice have been an infestation upon humans for hundreds if not thousands of years. Head lice are miniscule insects that feed on the blood from your scalp and most commonly affect children. Lice is usually passed by direct contact and, despite common misconceptions, it is