9 Essential Oils for Bad Breath (Cure Funky Breath)

It will cost you your social life, it may cost you your relationship, and it may also cost you your job. Halitosis, better known as bad breath will do that. Imagine a situation where your breath turns everyone away, including your pet. Isn’t it dreadful? While kids can say it

10 Essential Oils For Managing ADHD (Increase Attention & Focus)

Do you wish there was an alternative, safe and affordable remedies for ADHD? We can all agree that while there is a chance that behavioral therapy may work, the medication given to manage the disorder often comes with adverse and unfavorable side effects. Well, you are in luck because this

Essential Oils For Head Lice Removal + 5 Alternative Remedies

What Is Head Lice? Head lice have been an infestation upon humans for hundreds if not thousands of years. Head lice are miniscule insects that feed on the blood from your scalp and most commonly affect children. Lice is usually passed by direct contact and, despite common misconceptions, it is

7 Essential Oils For Hives That Work (Stop the Itch)

Hives can happen suddenly. One moment your skin is smooth as silk, and the next you have red welts which are very itchy. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI) report that around 20 percent of people will experience hives in their lifetime. That is a one out

5 Essential Oils for Foot Odor (No More Smelly Feet)

Noticeably unpleasant foot odor is an unfortunate reality for thousands of people. While it’s natural for your feet to stink after hitting the gym or going for a long hike, in most cases a quick shower or foot bath will fix the problem, leaving your feet as good as new.